Park Hopper Add On Question

We have a 5 night stay in June and I want to add on a park day when we check out. I know I can’t add it to my original reservation since I don’t have it for the week but is there a way to purchase a 1 day park hopper separately?

I think you will save money if you just upgrade to a 6 day park hopper when you get there. Why can’t you do it now? You just want to do it for one person on a package?

I can add it now but I hadn’t planned on using it for the week. You are right though, it would cost more to book a single day than add it for the week. I didn’t think of that. This is our first ever trip and I just thought it would be neat on that last day to ask the kids what their fav ride was and try to go for it. It’s our “extra” park day and it’s hard to pick which one they will like the best and plan it!

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If you add one day to your tickets it looks like it is about $11. If you add park hopper, it needs to be for the 5 or 6 days and that is $80. That is still cheaper than a one day ticket and much less than a one-day park hopper.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding but you don’t need to pick the park ahead of time. You can use your ticket anywhere.
And it does sound like a fun idea!

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To clarify, if you add park hopper to a ticket you have to add it to all days. Even if you add it to the ticket literally on your last day, you will still be charged for each day of your ticket (used or unused).