Park hop for dinner?

MK closes at 6pm while we’re there (MNSSHP, which we’re not attending). I was thinking we might park hop for dinner, plus an attraction or two if we’re not feeling done yet. Where would you go if you left MK hungry at 6pm with a park hopper ticket?

Epcot seems like the obvious answer.

We did Ohana and then Epcot on our MK party night (when we didn’t have tickets). You can find very short lines during Illuminations. Soarin was 10 minutes right as it was ending.

Epcot and eat at the Food and Wine Festival.

Does the answer change if you’re traveling with five kids under the age of 10? The Food and Wine Festival sounds awesome, but not sure if they’ll be into it.

i’d love a monorail ride from mk to epcot. and, perhaps with the kids, a character dinner at garden grill followed by soarin’ and a jaunt around future world?


We are going to do MK on a party night (not attending). We are going to stay through the end of the parade and then take the monorail over to Epcot. Our plan is to eat either at the food booths at Food and Wine or quick service. We will be traveling with a 3.5 year old and a 13 month old.

EP is my choice for hopping for dinner.

I’m surprised it’s so unanimous! Epcot it is!

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We are leaving HS one morning to go to Epcot for lunch. Then, back to the room for a break, go to Food and Wine for dinner before going back to HS. With the gondolas be running between HS and Epcot?

I haven’t heard an official opening date for the gondolas. Last I heard it was Fall 2019, so . . . maybe?