Park Entry (Boat, Walking Path, vs Shuttle)

You don’t need one, but they’re just very handy for the ticket and room key. The lanyard should technically be a breakaway type. Example:



We bought through Costco too! When you check in to the hotel, go to the Universal desk in the lobby and get them to print your tickets. I’d recommend doing it as soon as you arrive. We don’t usually do the parks on arrival day, so we get ours and are ready to go that first morning. If you are arriving and going immediately to the park, I’d still recommend the universal desk over the park entrance. Definitely get lanyards! It’s the easiest way to keep them safe and dry.


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I appreciate the tips! I am going in a little over a week and I just ordered the phone lanyards.

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I love them because you can wear them in the pool or if you go to water parks in the lazy river and such. And I use them for universal. They are multipurpose! You can put your mask in there too like on Popeye’s! Very important or bring a change of mask.

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Thanks! We aren’t going into the park on day one either. Any snafus with costco? I don’t think any of the rooms have microwaves or fridge at Sapphire Falls…we always get groceries delivered at Disney. I am trying to figure out breakfasts without spending a fortune or taking a lot of time.

SF regular rooms have fridge but no microwave.

No issues with Costco! We’ve used them both times we’ve been to UOA in the past few years. They had our confirmation for the room at the hotel desk and when I went to the Universal desk in the hotel, they printed our tickets with no issues. Definitely recommend going the day you check in to make things faster your first day at the park! We’ve made do with coolers when rooms don’t have fridges. This time, we did clif bars and fruit for breakfast and then just ate early lunches to avoid crowds.

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Thanks for the tip! I just compared the Costco price to a direct price of a ticket and hotel package and found I could save 13% ($345)

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Have you ever requested a microwave? Some hotels have limited numbers for request. A fridge helps though!

Have you ever had groceries delivered?

I believe you can request and pay for a microwave to be added. The guidebook says it for some of the Loews hotels. You can also just do cold foods like sandwiches and cereal for snacks and breakfasts.

We haven’t done grocery delivery. We live in Georgia, so we just pack our stuff in the car : )