Park entry and FPP without MBs

I’m helping out my parents, who decided to go to EP for a day for the Flower and Garden festival. I’ve set up an MDE account for them, bought one-day tickets, and booked some FPPs. However, how does this work on the day? The confirmation e-mail say that they simply go to the park entrance and tap their Magic Band or card, but they will have neither of these. It then says that otherwise they can show the confirmation e-mail (plus credit card and ID) and they can get in, but then what about using the FPPs?

Are they better off going to the ticket office before entering and getting a card? Never done this without MBs or ticket media before, so I’m not sure how this will all work out.

Yes, they’ll have to go to the Ticket Office (or Guest Services) to get the plastic RFID card. That accesses their MDE account like a magic band does. Tickets, FPPs etc.

They will need some form of ID and the email.


Yep to the above - you can do it at a park or at Disney Springs.


Thanks for the info!

I would try to get the hard tickets the day before so that it will be less stressful day of.

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