Park closures...should i be worried?

So, I’m reading up on all of these crowd issues, and I was wondering what the chances were of experiencing a park closure while we are at Disney. We will be at the parks Sunday-Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and we usually take an afternoon break. Should I be worried that we won’t be let in. With less than a month until our trip, I’m really starting to get nervous about all the details!

Are you staying onsite? Closures are very rare! Usually those closures would limit access between maybe 11-3. I would expect closures could happen on Thanksgiving (maybe even Wednesday and Friday and Saturday) but not before that.

Good to know! We are staying on-site for the first time ever, and this is our first multiple day trip, which is why I’m so anxious…so many unknowns :wink: Our plan is to leave around 2 and return around 5.

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And if you take a look at the link below, since you are staying onsite, you’ll still be allowed to enter the park even if it’s a Level 1-3 closure. It’s only once it hits Level 4 that absolutely no one else is allowed in, and it’s only reached that point once in the last 5 years. I wouldn’t be concerned!

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