Park Capacity / Reservations

Here… we… go…

Personally, happy about no masks outdoors, but I’m not sure I would trade that if wait times go up significantly.


Ohh I’m there this week, I wonder if i could change my AK (5/23) to HS so I have shots at ROTR 2 days. I still want to go to AK I just also want to be able to switch if I don’t get ROTR on 5/21

mine shows no availability, any ideas on why? are you AP holder? select hotel?

I’m willing to bet ride capacity will increase, so wait times shouldn’t have a significant increase. Hopefully more shows open up this summer. I think the real concern is that getting a boarding group for RotR. It was already hard enough to get one, and it just got a lot harder.

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Reports yesterday said that ToT was being fully loaded yesterday. Ride capacity will definitely be ramped up.