Park Bags

Anyone care to post pictures of bags they carry in the parks. Usually I like crossbody (that is super long) but sometimes they start to make my shoulder feel cramped. Any slings that are very roomy for say a busty person. Mostly I feel like they are hanging too tight and funny across me. Any really neat backpacks that are a little different than a usual school type. Thanks.

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I carried a small cross body purse and then we had a bag we put on the handles of the stroller that we could take off and carry on rides with us. I’ll have to get a picture for you.

I use a LeSportsac bag and I love it. I carry the “deluxe everyday bag” because it’s the right size for me to use as a camera bag. They have a variety of styles and super cute patterns. The best thing about them is that they’re waterproof, which is essential when traveling in FL or going in water rides.

Depending on the type of trip and the season, I carry (or make DH carry) one of four bags. Smallest is a VB mini hipster for solo solo touring, like F&W, when I’ll need only my ID, cash, CC, and phone. Second and most frequently used is my VB Hipster- perfect for carrying the above plus a water bottle. For days when I may need a change of shirt or shoes or a poncho, I carry a VB backpack thing- looks like this:

And when it’s all of us and we want ponchos and a blanket and autograph books and a cold section for water bottles and frog togs and a portable pharmacy, I make DH or DS carry this monster bag:

I’m not sure what all you need to carry but I am a fanny pack girl! I bought a really cute black and white paisley Jansport fanny pack after struggling with a crossbody on our first trip to Disney World many years ago. After 8 trips, I still use the same one! I can not imagine using anything else. I strap it around my waist filled with a small bottle of sunscreen, a small bottle of tylenol/excedrin, lip gloss, my coin purse and anything else I may need for that day and I never have to carry a thing.
My fanny pack looks like this, with the larger bag pouch and small front pouch:

With that being said, I have no small kids and we normally travel with our grandkids that are 10+ yrs.

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