Park availability drop?

Gentle readers, I have 4 people traveling next week who want to do RotR. But there is no HS availability. Is there any chance of getting a park reservation on a sold out park? Do they drop any the week before or some such miracle? If they go to another park and hop at 2pm will they be able to get in?
What are my group’s options??
Thanking you kindly!

Sometimes, even when the calendar looks sold out, if you select a date you might actually be able to make an APR. Those might be spots that had been cancelled by others, and Disney hadn’t updated their calendar color.

Disney has been known to drop additional APRs as it gets closer (or moves some from one category to another), but I can’t tell you any specifics. I don’t think it happens this close, though.

Yes, with almost complete certainty. Since reopening, hopping into a park was blocked only one time - at the MK, Oct. 1, 2021 on the 50th anniversary, for just a few hours in the afternoon, then it opened up again.


Hi @quicha ! This Twitter feed

Will also post when park reservations open.


Thank you amiga!!

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Ooooo… nice twitter amiga, gracias!!

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