Park at Epcot and take Monorail?

We are staying at Beach Club Resort for the 1st time next month. Since we have dinner reservations at the California Grill in the Contemporary Resort the evening of our arrival, I was thinking we’d simply drive our car to the Epcot parking lot and take the monorail to the Contemporary Resort, and then back again later that evening. Is there a parking fee at the Epcot lot? Otherwise I can’t think of any reason not to do this. Can’t walk thru Epcot park without using a park admission ticket, and riding the monorail is way more fun than my car.

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No parking fee for you since you are staying onsite. Yes, that’s one way to do it. Epcot to TTC then change monorails to TTC to Contemporary. With new security locations, you will only have to go through it once, at your originating site. At TTC, you are within the secure zone while changing monorails. The only caution is don’t eat so late the monorail to Epcot is done running and you can’t get back to your car.

Is there a reason you are not going to drive to the Contemporary?

The entrance for the epcot monorail is located inside the entrance of the park so you would have to use a day off your ticket. I refer to this discussion

The Epcot monorail is located outside of the park. The monorail runs through Epcot but stops outside the gate. You can exit straight to the monorail but there should be another access point?

This came up in a different thread recently.
To use the monorail from Epcot, you apparently need to go through security.
Now, I don’t know if you also must go through the tapstiles. I think you can go right to the monorail ramp.
@Nickysyme ??

We did this once before, only used Disney bus transportation to get to Epcot, not a car. That is why I’m wondering about the parking fee this time. Riding the monorail is plain old fun. We look for every excuse we can to ride it whenever we go to WDW.

Last July, we arrived at Epcot via bus from Coronado Springs, then headed to the monorail to ride. We had to go through security, just to get on the monorail. Going through security is outside the tapstiles, does not have anything to do with park admission. I realize that was before the latest security shuffling at WDW.

Again, you pay no fee since you are staying on site.

I THINK you would just go through security. The tap stiles are a good bit beyond security, and if you go left (facing Spaceship Earth), then you get to the monorail ramp.

95% certain.


If you are staying onsite you park for free- at all parks too- unless you valet at a resort.