Park arrival times

What time should I plan to arrive at each park?

MK 1 - PPO BOG so not an issue
MK 2 - RD Town Square Tinker bell
AK - EMHbut I don’t need to RD anything so Iola. To stroll in 8:45ish or so (not doing FOP or EE and FPP for KS and Navi)
HS - this is my big question as I hear they let you in rides around 8:45. Need to RD AS2 and TSL. Have pm FPP for SDD
EP - despite contrary advice doing SE at RD bc I’m not doing TT or Soarin and have FPP for FEA.

For PPO MK they will let you in at 7:45. No matter the actual time of your ADR, BOG will likely let you in as soon as you arrive.

For EP, I have done 45 minutes before to be at the front, but that is for Soarin’ so hopefully someone will chime in about SE.

Following for updated DHS info.

HS is my big question.

I like reading through these guys’ blogs on RD.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land Start with Even Worse Rope Drop Procedure

Per their main site:

The Studios typically lets guests into the park 30-45 minutes prior to open and guests signing up kids for Jedi Training will be able to immediately do so upon entering. Everyone else will be held on Hollywood Boulevard just past Trolley Car Café Starbucks until open. For Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror, keep to the far right. For Toy Story Land, stay center and prepare to head straight and then to the right around Grauman’s Chinese Theater. There is much less of a hurry to Star Tours or any of the shows.

An alternate rope drop procedure is also sometimes used when guests are held outside the park until 10-20 minutes before official open. After guests enter, they are allowed to head to the attraction of their choice without being held on Hollywood Boulevard.

Whichever way it goes, those visiting Slinky Dog Dash first should arrive one hour before official open and be prepared to hurry to the attraction. Those heading anywhere else, including Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Toy Story Mania may arrive closer to 30 minutes before open and be just fine.


So this leads to my HS questions. We are doing EMM, but I’d also like to sign my son up for Jedi Training. If they are allowing people in at 8:30 to sign up, will I have to leave EMM early to be sure to get him signed up? I’ve heard they start letting RDers on Slinky at 8:45 which is already annoying, but this would double that annoyance.

following as i have this exact question…

I’m afraid that I don’t know much about Jedi Training, as my kids aren’t interested in it. I hope someone else is able to address your question!

Good morning
I’m also trying to work out how long before opening I need to arrive on each of my park days so thanks for the useful information so far. Hope you don’t mind me asking my own similar questions here.

It sounds like as a general rule 30 minutes before opening is good as long as you don’t want to RD one of the major rides SDD, Soarin etc.
Would this still apply where there is a MEMH starting from 8am? So I want to aim to get to parks around 7.30 on these days?
Do buses start earlier on MEMH days are would they still start around 6:45 (having left depos about 6.30)?

For info my plans are below, we are staying at POR:
3rd May CL6 MK MEMH 8am opening: 1st ride Winnie the Pooh: Plan to arrive at the park 7.30am
5th May CL6 EP 9am opening: RD Soarin: Plan to arrive at park at 8.15
6th May CL4 AK MEMH 8am opening: RD Navi, plan to arrive at park 7.30am
8th May CL4 MK 9am opening, PPO BOG 8am: Plan to arrive at park around 7.30 to be let in at 7:45
9th May CL5 HS 9am opening, RD ToT (FP for SDD) Plan to arrive at park at 8.30am
12th May CL6 HS MEMH 8am opening, RD RNR (ASS FP) plan to arrive at park 7.30am
15th May CL4 AK 9am opening, RD EE: plan to arrive at park at 8.30am
16th May CL4 MK 9am opening, PPO BOG 8am: Plan to arrive at park around 7.30 to be let in at 7:45

Please let me know if any of this is wildly out in terms of suitable arrival times

Thanks in advance B