Park Arrival time For CRT 8:30 with 8 am general park opening

Hello disney pros! I have reservations for CRT at 8:30 am. General park opening is at 8 am (not just EMH). Few questions…if I get to CRT early, can we be seated earlier? If not, what time would you recommend getting to the park to make it to reservations on time? Also, going the next morning with 8 am general park opening time. Want to get on the mine train early (also have FP at 810-9:10 but was hoping to ride twice). What time would you recommend getting to park for the 8 am opening? Thanks so much in advance!

I usually aim for 45 minutes before RD. Can’t answer the CRT question though. Sounds so fun!

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I would most likely go to PP at 8:00 since I would be nervous about the 7DMY line.

Thanks so much! I am traveling with my dad who is not in the best shape so was wanting to avoid too much standing in line. I didn’t know if getting there at 8 am would give us enough time. Best strategy sounds like an early arrival! We are super excited!

Thanks! We have FP for Peter Pan on another day…the lines for the mine train seem insane…may only get on that one time with the FP!!!

I would try to do at least one attraction before that ADR. What will you do?

Can you get a DAS pass? Maybe not but just wanted to throw that out there

That’s similar to our situation - anyone know if arrive at 8am park opening and have an 8:25 BOG, could we squeeze in 7DMT once before?

I’d say yes if you are aggressive…maybe even 2 rides.

IDK, he does have poor health, heart failure with low ejection fraction so can’t really walk briskly for extended periods of time…I think until he is in a wheelchair, he can do what the rest of us do (although I did book early morning reservations almost entirely to get into park early and avoid the line up :)…

Oooh really? I was hoping at least one! I wonder how long I can expect the 7DMT wait to be if we arrive at 8-8:05 (IN the park at that time) and head straight there! It’s a lower crowd day…Is there a grace period of a few minutes for BOG reservations I wonder?

I usually get to the entrance 45 min before opening and make sure I’m in the front and stay with the CM’s all the way to 7DMT. I’ve been on the first train several times. As soon as the first ride is done, I get right back in line and usually have a short wait. The best way to do this is with BOG BEFORE the park opens; I have gotten 3 rides this way. Yes, you can be a bit late to your ADR.

Yes, doing BOG before the park opens was the plan…thought I scored w/ an 8:25 res and then noticed they added EMH for 8-9, ugh. And of course there’s nothing for pre-RD available. How long would you say the wait is when you get back in line after your first ride when the park has just opened?

Maybe 15. I think it was a crowd level 5 or something when I last did it. We hustled when we got off the first ride.