Park and Extra Magic hours for mid to late December (17-27)

Does anyone have any ideas on when WDW might be releasing the holiday hours and EMH for mid to late December? I was looking at Kenny the Pirate site and saw what the hours looked like for the past few years but don’t know when they come out. This will help us in adjusting our touring plans, for when its comes out.

They have been very slow to update final hours. I hate to say it but I would say sometime in November. I would expect MK to open at 8:00 on most days.

Can I ask you where you found the historic info on kennythepirate? I went on after I read your post but couldn’t see where to find it. Then got totally distracted by other stuff! Thanks

No need to go to KTP - everything you need to know is here at TouringPlans! Go to the Crowd Calendar and select Historical Crowds. Drill down into the date in question and you will find park hours, actual CLs, ticket prices, and more!

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Thanks for the info!

The information is on Touring Plans and I do use that but I also ran across the information on kennythepirate and liked it as I didn’t have to pick each individual day. Here is the link and if you go down near the bottom you will see the choices for the years and weeks -

Thanks for that link too.

What I found interesting is that as well as extended hours, other events are also affected. Like Fantasmic being shown 2 or 3 times each evening and the HS fireworks being shown well after the last show. So my TPs could change a bit. And we might be able to do Fantasmic and the Star Wars fireworks the same night.

Equally some of my plans will need changed. I had Beaches & Cream @ 5, thinking we could go to Epcot for Illuminations afterwards. We still can, but it might be a few hours later than planned!

Good to know though how much things MAY change.

Yes, I agree as I am planning on being at the park opening for each day we are at the park so we can do 3 to 4 rides before we need to start using fast passes. I will have to keep an eye out for the hours and make adjustments when the new hours come out.

Touring Plans is the best for crowd information hands down. And Tour plans has park by park estimates too. If you are looking for a quick view of Disney World crowds at the Disney Resort level I found this crowd calendar.