Parents scan for kids?

My 5 year old daughter had a hard time scanning her finger, it usually took 2-3 tries. One day a CM updated her magicband so I would be the one to scan my finger for her.
Of course, my DD didn’t like not being able to scan her finger so we changed it the next day.
Hope it helps.


Sounds right up there with licking handrails - the ridiculous things you never thought about before you were a parent.

I think this have been clarified, but I’m still nervous about this. Would you all reassure me? My DS2 may or may not be willing to scan his finger. If I use my finger, will he be able to leave the park with my mom? Are fingerprints scanned when leaving? Then, if they chose to come back to the park, would my mom be able to scan her finger if we are all linked in MDE? (Or does the linkage in MDE even matter?) Are fingers scanned at the rides, causing him to have to ride with whoever’s finger he used to get in the park? SMH so confused. Thank you all in advance!

If he is 2 years old he doesn’t need a park ticket, so he won’t have to scan in at all! He just accompanies whoever is bringing him.

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Oh man, waaay easier! Thanks! I think I was hung up because we are staying on site, so he gets his own Magic Band.

Are you sure he gets a magic band? I thought only those 3 and up got the bands, even if staying on site. Maybe we can check that with someone who has stayed onsite recently with small children? @NoBellePrizeWinner ?

MDE prompted us to pick one for him. Not really sure why he would need it if you think about it.

I just added a request to my last reply to someone who recently travelled with an under-three year old to get their response.

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That’s why they have those child seats with buckles in some public restrooms!

Yes everyone on a resort reservation gets a magic band, even if they are a day old.

We got bands for all 3 youngins. DS4 DS3 and DD1. They only scanned in the 3+ though. We didn’t even bring the one for DD1


I had DS4 and DS1, both of whom did get bands. You don’t need to do anything with the band for a kid with no tickets. It’s a toy at our house.

I generally wore his band and scanned my finger for DS4. It just made going through the tapstiles that much more efficient. Sometimes he wanted to “also” scan his finger and all CMs were very willing to allow him to do so after mine. There was one time where my parents were potentially bring him later while DH and I rope dropped HS (he actually ended up coming with us!) so when we left the day before the CM took a picture of him so that my mom could enter with him the next day. It was very easy but we didn’t actually end up needing it.

I also almost exclusively tapped him in for FP+ since he didn’t really want to wear the band. Never an issue! If he was riding with someone else, we gave them the band instead.

Useful until you have three toddlers. I am not missing the days of toddlers in public restrooms. :nauseated_face:

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Those are called spares. You can either secure the same one every time and keep them “clean” or you can rotate them and let them all develop superhuman immune systems.