Paradise Pier Car Rental Counter / Parking at hotels

Has anyone used this for Enterprise or Alamo? Just wondering the logistics of it. We are driving in to Anaheim and will probably arrive too early for check in at Disneyland Hotel. I am guessing we can leave our luggage with bell services so that we can drive over to PPH to return the car? Where do you park at DH when you are checking in? Where do you park to return the car at PPH - are their signs up for parking Alamo/Enterprise? And once we return the car at PPH can we just walk back to DH - is it far?

Thanks for any info - trying to avoid any confusion on vacation day lol

I was watching a recent YouTube video on PPH. In the video, I thought it looked like the car rental window was closed. Not sure, but I would check.
It is an easy walk from PPH to Disneyland Hotel. Ask at the front desk the direction to go out of the building to get there without going out onto the busy street in front. There is a back way to walk inside the Disney bubble as I remember from 2017.

Alamo’s website states they are still closed but Enterprise allows bookings to that site. Will have to call them to confirm I guess.

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