Parades, Fireworks, and ECVs

Hello… Can anyone tell me how I can best view the parades and fireworks at MK from an ECV? Is there a special viewing area?

What is an ECV?

Unfortunately there is not a special viewing area for ECV’s. Your best best would be to find a spot right on the edge of the parade route and that would be easiest in frontierland. You might have to wait a bit and stake out a spot but you’ll get a great view.

You can see the fireworks from anywhere in the park. The only issue is that you can only see Capture the Magic from the front of the castle so that might be a bit tough to get a good spot without having to wait a long time but if you want to see that just try to find a spot somewhere right on main street.

Thank you. I can stand and walk, just not all day, so if there’s somewhere I could “stash” the ECV during those times, if that would let us get a better spot I’d be willing to do that. Any thoughts on that idea?

Electric Convenience Vehicle, or “scooter”

Ohhh, In theory I suppose you could store it at one of the stroller areas but I’m not sure on that one. I think if you aren’t terrible concerned with seeing Capture the Magic you won’t have any real issues. Just show up 20 minutes before so you aren’t behind people and then just enjoy Wishes from anywhere. Lots of people like the view from New Fantasyland and it’s usually empty-ish during that time.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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There are a couple parade viewing areas for guests who require wheelchairs. Disney has guides for Guests with Disabilities that they publish and make available at the entrance to each park and at Guest Services. This one, for the Magic Kingdom, shows the current locations for parade viewing areas (I don’t know if any of these also apply to fireworks viewing) -

Disney has reasonable documentation on the accommodations they make available on their website, including these Guides for each of the theme parks (listed at the bottom of the page) -

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Thank you!

I don’t know about MK, but I know they DO have a special area in EP for IllumiNations.