Parades and shows

Our trip isn’t until February, but I’m looking at Jan for ideas of what to expect. Thus far, there are no parades scheduled and very few shows scheduled. (After the holiday stuff) any ideas when the post holiday schedule will accurately show what the parks will actually have going on?

I just looked through the Jan schedule & while DCA looks complete DL does seem to be missing quite a few highlights such as Mickey & the Magical Map and fireworks on the weekends as well as the every day events like Storytelling at the Royal Theater and the smaller atmosphere entertainments like Pearly Band, Disneyland Band, etc.

I wouldn’t fall out of my chair if they end up not scheduling a parade but I am OH so hoping Soundsational makes it back for a mini-farewell run before giving way completely to the Pixar Play parade in DL.

For Jan 26-Feb 18 they are doing the Lunar New Year festival which could take up until the end of the holidays to get a good final schedule since they contract with a lot of local groups to come in provide entertainment. The last couple of years they have had lion dancers for the Lunar New Year festival & they have been superb. So I would definitely wait it out, and if you’re anything like me take some deep breaths while you wait until you can finalize your plans but still stalk the schedule daily until you start to see more of those little things (hopefully) added.

Happy Planning!

Thanks! I was really hoping the Soundsational parade would come back. It appears that there is a good chance it will at some point since it is still on the Disneyland website?!? I was so bummed last year that it wasn’t running either. I’m afraid since the Lunar parade is running while we are there, there wont be the Soundsational parade. I’m glad you mentioned it being a good parade. I was thinking we wouldn’t go to it because my kids aren’t really into Mulan.

DCA doesn’t show times for Frozen which is another highlight for my girls, so I hope they just haven’t posted times yet.

So the Lunar New Year stuff is all done out of the performance area in the Paradise Gardens, back by Goofy’s Sky School, Jumpin Jellyfish, etc. None of it is a full-on parade. There’s a Mulan processional and then separate to that they have Lion Dancers that will perform just in that area of the park. Both years we have gone both have been awesome but also busy. The first year we went though they only had them schedule for 3-4 days total so that was one of the reasons. Now that they take 3 weeks to celebrate Lunar New Year it helps to dissipate the crowds except for the last 2 or so days of it.

I will be sick to my stomach if we’ve already seen our last Soundsational so I am hoping you are right about if it’s on the website it should still be around…somehow, someway…*fingers crossed*

I’ll be hoping that for your girls’ sake Frozen gets some love on the schedule too! My DS6 & DD4 recently got super back into Frozen and I just realized they’ve never seen the show all the way through (the 2 times we’ve done it we were all very tired & it was a nice air-conditioned seat to take a break in so naptime happened for most of us).

I can’t stop myself from checking the schedule at least twice a day for the parade :grimacing: Our trip dates aren’t available yet, but If it show up in January, it will probably be running in February! I absolutely love parades and I will be so bummed if I don’t get to see one. Especially that one, it looks like so much fun! My husband told me I should just plan for there to be no parades so I’m not disappointed :cry:

Soundsational is our most favorite daytime Disney parade and one of the reasons we love to go so much and it’s ending has been kind of a surprise to me. Especially to give way for a Pixar Parade that suited DCA just fine, IMHO. But anyway, I am avoiding stalking the schedule & avoiding thinking about if there will or will not be one because I will be a huge mixture of sad, disappointed, bummed & all other things that don’t usually go along with my Disney experience! But I do know that if it does get back on the schedule we may make more than 1 trip between Jan 8-April 12.

I wish going back was that easy of an option for us. My husband already thinks its crazy we are going one year after our first trip. I would totally go back just to see that parade!

Well your husband is pretty right, it does get crazy going more than annually. My husband & I are completely crazy with how much we go (with now 3 small kids) and it’s just become a very big part of what we enjoy together as a family. But one day (maybe) we will settle down a little go back to going every year or other year.

We also have three small kids and Disney is just such a fun, magical, and relatively safe vacation with them. I’m thrilled we are going back so soon, but we might have to change to an every-other year plan for our next trip.

We buy annual passes, then try to go 3-4 times in a year and then take a year or two off. It has been 2 years since we went last. Now we are buying annual passes and I hope to go a lot! My boys are heading to high school soon and probably won’t want to go much after this. Sniff… Sniff…

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Do you guys live close?

It is a 4-5 hour drive for us.

It is the best vacation with kids & all my most favorite magical times with them are inside Disneyland so until we get sick of it (which I’m not sure ever will happen), we’re gonna go.

For now we have annual passes. Every year that we’ve renewed them we’ve said we’ll re-evaluate how much we’ll use them next year to make sure they still make sense. And since 2014 we haven’t been able to stay away longer than about 45-60 days. Except for when I had baby number 3 in April this year and we didn’t go from beginning of March until mid-June. That time was a little bit easier because I was very pregnant & then recovering from a c-section while having a newborn so it was easier to be away, but every other time we have stayed away longer than 45 days we just miss it.

You must be fairly close as well!
We could probably make our trips a lot less expensive by staying off-site, but we can’t get away from buying airfare.

@lolabear_la and @mikeandcynthia22, I was checking refurb dates for our trip and noticed that Soundsantional Parade is scheduled to resume Jan 8.

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THANK YOU for sharing. I am so relieved and just a tad emotional (but that’s nothing new, hehe).

Was this on touring plans or Disneyland?
Not to get hopes up, but… last year touring plans showed that the sound sational parade would resume in February, but it didn’t.

Touring plans

The good news is that the soundsational parade is listed as “returning” under disney’s Website. So even if it is not scheduled to be back in January, it appears that they are intending on bringing it back as some point.

Thanks! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!