Parade FPP availability

Does anyone know about when FPP are released for parades? I wanted to get a couple for our trip later this month but they haven’t been available as of yet and I’ve been checking regularly. From what I understand these are released closer to dates so they can confirm times? I snagged a christmas parade at 60 days, but FOF and and MSEP weren’t available (yet?).

With 3 kids, sitting on a sidewalk for an hour or more waiting for a parade to start is not an option. I’m counting on these. :smile:

No idea on when they are released, but to avoid long waits you might want to check out the Liner-recommended viewing locations - see @Armadillo_Alert’s map


When are you going?

We’ll be there 12/17 - 12/25.

I assume those have been out quite a while - I got my parade FPP for Dec 28 - jan 2 back at the 60 day mark :frowning:

Gah! I read somewhere that sometimes they don’t release until closer to date. I hoped that was the case since at 60 days they didn’t have any for my 9 day trip. Well I guess I can keep checking but not count on it. Bummer.

I hope it works out and mine is the odd ball! Somewhere I read that they were going to have a 2nd viewing area FPP for some parades, but not sure if these or not. You may get lucky.

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I followed this site prior to booking my FP…it was mentioned on Chat. It was accurate for me, in the sense that everything they said was/was not available was actually available or not. It is based on a party size of 4, which is my party size, so there were no what if scenarios for us. Anyway, I was not able to book MSEP or FOF…they were gone before my 60 day point. The thing that I could not figure out is how/why they were already unavailable SO far in advance of the 60 day mark. Like more than 2 weeks in advance. Do that many people really visit for that long? And are FP not like ADRs…can you book more than 10 days of your trip at the 60 day mark? Maybe you can, but it just seems strange to me that they are gone that far in advance, even knowing there are fewer spots than an attraction or character meet.

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I believe that certain things, like the parades, are not available until closer to the actual dates so they will appear as unavailable at the 60 day mark.