Parade FP+

We’ve never been big parade planners, preferring to catch them as we go; however, in September we’re going with friends who really want to see the whole thing. For the Fantasy parade at MK, we’re considering using FPP…if we do, does it require a full one hour FPP window? If so, does it have to start at 3:00 or can you set it to begin at 2:30? I’m trying to figure out whether I can schedule another FPP at 3:30.


As of right now there are rumors that the parades and Wishes will no longer offer FPs but if they do the window is usually about 30 minutes.

Thanks! And thanks for the rumor info.

If you keep an eye on this you can see if they stop offering them (as you can see Wishes stops next month).

I made a FPP yesterday for Memorial Day. Festival of Fantasy is still available- it is for 2:45-3:05. There were no MSEP (night parade) FPP’s though.