Parade FP+ in August

I asked this on chat, but didn’t get a response. It probably makes more sense here anyway.

The Dibb site that show FP+ availability out to 75 days is showing no availability for FoF or MSEP after 8/12. Days past 60 are showing and the FP+ not being available starting on 8/12 has not been a moving window. At this point, I am feeling like I have to plan for them not being available when my window opens this weekend.

Here is the challenge. I have a group of 8, including a special needs child. I had counted on the FPs for these to help minimize wait and to keep us near the front of the park.

For MSEP, CL8 day, how soon would you recommend staking out on Main Street?

For FoF it is even more complicated, as we will have been having a break at the Poly and just returning for FoF. How early would you recommend leaving the Poly and where would you recommend watching from?


That’s a tough call, but honestly in August I wouldn’t want to use the FP for the parade because its out in the open with zero shade and in August that is brutal. If you show up early enough it’s possible you could find a spot up at the train station but that area gets busy a bit before the show so you’d have to stake out a spot pretty early.

I had that concern too. But I was willing to do it to not have to show up until just before 3.

I am now thinking either the shady side of the street or near the barber shop or fire station (where I have heard you can show up late). But I would like someone with summer crowd experience to guide me on when to show up. Maybe I can head over before the kids and hold a spot? But I don’t want to wait too late.

If it’s early August when it’s still pretty packed I’d say an hour at minimum… for late August when crowds thin out as school starts back up you could get away with less. But also don’t worry too much about things like The Dibb… We’ve been twice in the last year including this past May during high crowds for 24 hour day and we’ve always had the option of taking that as a FP at our 60 day window.