Parade at noon and fastpass for meeting mickey mouse

There is a noon festival of fantasy parade on the day I’m going to MK. I also have a fastpass for meeting mickey at that time. I will becoming from Crystal Palace. Will it be difficult to navigate down MainStreet at 11:45 AM to go see Mickey and Tinker Bell. I also have a FP+ for meeting Tinker Bell at 12:15 PM. Has anyone met with Mickey and Tinker Bell during a parade?

Just the Move It Shake it Parade? You’ll get through fine. That’s only like 2 or 3 floats, not a big deal.

On July 3, they added a Festival of Fantasy Parade at noon. How will that affect navigating main street?

It will be busier than normal getting through but you’ll be able to get through on the outskirts of the crowds. They keep a walking path clear.

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