Parade and Liberty Tree Tavern

Information says that if you “plan your mealtime right you can walk right out to see the cavalcade come by after your meal!” How is it laid out that people don’t line up in front of the tavern and block people coming out to watch the parade?

There’s a bit of space between the entrances/exits to all locations along the parade route such that people can enter and exit without too much hassle.

So does that mean when we exit there is a bit of space for us to watch the parade that has not already been filled with bystanders?

I would imagine so, but it will also mean you’ll have to keep room open for people to travel behind you.

We chose to sit in front of Frontierland Mercantile for parades on our last trip. Everyone wants to squeeze up to the ropes for viewing, and that leaves room in behind for those traveling.