Parade and fireworks during MVMCP

How bad r the crowds for the parade and fireworks. R we talking get your spot when the party states crowds? I have 2 kids and e husband that uses a crutch/ecv so squeezing in won’t be easy. We have the dessert party for HEA during our other MK day but for the MVMCP fireworks we do not. Should we try to stake out spot for that too. If so where? Thanks

Yes stake out a spot if possible. Close to the Crystal Palace would be good. One thing about the fireworks is that you can see them quite easily from anywhere in front of the Cinderela Castle. Crowds do get wild so my advice for your situation is to find a spot just outside the Crystal Palace and watch from there.

FWIW, we have never staked out a spot for the parade/fireworks during MVMCP (or any other time) and always walked right up somewhere on Main Street and had a great view! I don’t know if we lucked out or if it just wasn’t necessary but we’ve never been “stake out a spot an hour before” people, we just would rather enjoy the rest of the park until time for the parade/fireworks, and it’s always worked out!

The parties also aren’t as crowded as regular nights…

We went to the party last night, there were plenty of good spots for the parade in Town Square just a few minutes before the first parade. For fireworks, we stood close to the Partners statue with a perfect view of the castle, and arrived 10 minutes before they started. It was not crowded at all. Very different from our experience watching Happily Ever After on Wednesday night, which required a good hour of waiting to get the prime spots.