Paper FP are back?

Not sure if this is reliable but if so it looks like equivalent of paper FP replacing some standby lines starting with A&E tomorrow. Removing Standby Lines for Anna and Elsa

Also sounds like no DAS once these are gone.

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Interesting concept. I wonder how it's going to work.

Didn't they do something like this when they were in EP? Didn't follow the threads closely, but I think I remember that they were assigning return times to try to cut down the congestion. I imagine they will have a booth set up and issue paper tickets with return times on them. When they're gone, they're gone for the day...

Very interesting! Will be following this for sure...

I met them at Epcot about 2 weeks before they moved to MK, and they weren't doing that. I distinctly remember waiting the 2 hours and 45 minutes for them.

Was it worth it? Eh...

At least my collection isn't incomplete... smile


Thanks for posting ...interesting

Is it just me or does it sound like not everyone who wants to see them will get to see them? If there's only a limited number of paper FPs been given out, some people will be turned away. Doesn't sound good to me...?

@Mr_Itty, my daughter has the same shirts except her Anna is purple. wink

Wow. This is an interesting development.

Interesting. Sounds like it's worth a shot to not get in line and head straight to the spot near the carousel where they are going to hand out these fast passes...of course, if I thought of that I'm sure everyone else has too!

I'm very interested to see how this goes. DD7 is dying to meet A&E, but I couldn't get a FPP. Maybe there's still hope!

I have them too @ChipinNY, Anna in charcoal and Elsa in silver.

Article also says: "Yes, two other attractions will be entering testing on this system 7/23/2014 – Soarin at Epcot and another attraction currently unknown by our sources (in the Temporary Tourist’s opinion, we believe the other attraction will be Toy Story Mania or Test Track, again that is what we think, but not confirmed)"

Will be there starting Friday so I will definitely check this out.


Can't wait for your feedback on this!

I read the article last night and again this morning. I'm confused by the 9 fast pass per hour thing. Is that what they are planning on handing out? 9 per hour?

No, I think that's how many FP+ are bookable per hour. Ouch.

I believe that they are doing something similar to the attraction at HS for Legend Capt. Jack. I like the idea, especially in this hot and humid weather. It's basically a line place holder.

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Thanks for the update! We are leaving for DW tomorrow, so this is very helpful!

OK. Thanks. I have a FP+ booked for our September trip. Maybe this would be better...

If you were able to schedule a fast pass I would keep it. There's no guarantee you would get a stand - by nor would you be able to choose the return time.