Panicking but shouldn't be!

My ADR 180 day booking is coming up fast. I have done this all twice before but I am still panicking. I have to know which parks I am visiting in order to match up my dining but I’m nervous about FPP working out later for rides like SDD and FOP. Here is my tentative plan with free Dining.

Plan A
Aug 11 - HS EMH 8AM then to MK for parade, smaller shows, etc. Supper at Storybook
Aug 12 - AK EMH 8AM Supper at Boma
Aug 13 - EP EMH 9-11PM Supper at Coral Reef (Want to try the stuffed Lobster)
Aug 14 - MK EMH 9-11PM 8AM BOG, 12:30PM BOG
Aug 15 - Ohana 8AM then Typhoon Lagoon

In the past we have always tried to avoid EMH but this time our days range from 4-6 on the Crowd Calendar which is way less than the Crowds at Christmas last visit. Also, we are excellent RD people. We were always right at the front of RD during Christmas crowds so I was thinking we would do well with EMH, leaving shows and less busy rides for later at each park. I am wondering if this is a good idea? Also, is it a bad idea to visit MK on a Magic Morning day? The crowds seem lighter on that day but I am worried about guests already being in the park. I thought about breakfast at BOG on this day to do 7DMT but I don’t know how that works. My current plan avoids this but I might change it still to bump HS later in the week.

Any advice or thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

I can tell you this much. When booking ADR 180 days out you are able to book a week all at once. That gives you a head start on others that are not WDW guests. As far as FPP book them 60 days out right at the start. Always book your most desired rides first and at the middle or end of your vacation. Most people will book these at the beginning of their vacation and everyone will be trying to book these days as soon as reservations open. By booking farther into your vacation when reservations open you will probably be the first to get them on that later day. Same goes for ADR but not as important as FPP. Hope this helps you.

If you are wanting to get FPP for SDD and FOP you might consider moving your HS and AK days to later in your trip to increase your chances.

I booked my upcoming trip at 175 days, so I was already in the 180 day window when I started and I was also worried about getting good reservations. Since then, I have booked some of the most coveted reservations (I have or had each of the ones you have listed except Boma) and have then changed them several times as my plans evolved. Most of the time I was able to get the reservations I wanted after searching or modifying, but I used the TP reservation finder and got great reservations 6 or 7 times since then. Mostly I’m just trying to calm your nerves in regard to that.
Although I haven’t done it, I have read that people who booked breakfast at BOG and ordered ahead were able to get in line at 7DMT, but weren’t allowed on the ride until 9. So, basically, they weren’t able to ride when the EMM crowd was there, but they were able to beat the regular rope drop crowd. Also, in general I have heard that the Fantasyland crowd isn’t enough to really see a change in crowd size and most of the people there for EMM will leave and go to another land once the regular rope drop crowd floods into Fantasyland and 7DMT/PP.
Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much everyone! I am tweaking my plan a little with the advice you all have given me. I really appreciate your feedback. I am so thankful to be taking another trip with my family and it’s always been so helpful to be a part of touring plans.