Panicing for Easter

We are going for a very short trip April 17th to 21st. Not by my choice but this trip has come packed with a fishing excursion and a wild trek in AK plus the standard…we have to do all these rides. I have decent fastpasses considering every day is fractured. I am trying to keep my expectations low, but our dining is a mess. I cant find anything in MK for around 6-6:30, so we are at CMC for 5:25. We are at BLT, and I am just nervous…never been there before- please tell me all the great stuff. We are in a 2 Brm at BLT and it is 4 adult kids and DH and me…so we can move along ,but every trip DH just likes to think things magically happen. I am stressed out and already dreading this. Anyone have any suggestions.

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The ADR finder can help with this issue. You have plenty of time to tweak your dining and get a more desirable time and location.

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Thanks Aunt B- I will do that and hopefully you are right!!!

Your can always just eat qs whatever time you want depending on what you want.

(1) Relax. You’re going to Disney World!

(2) We stayed at BLT for the first time last November and loved it! So convenient to MK.

(3) I just checked MK dinning res on Easter and saw availability for 6 people at 6:10 pm and 6:30 pm at the Diamond Horseshoe and 6:40 pm at Skippers Canteen. I have never eaten at those restaurants, but if you are at MK, it beats traveling to CMC. Another suggestion would be to walk from MK to The Wave at the Contemporary. I have eaten there and enjoyed the food. When I checked, the Wave had a couple spots open for 6 between 6 pm and 6:30 pm. You can always book one of these and then use res finder to try find a restaurant you prefer.

Thank you Dave. The day i am having the worst problem with is April 17, 6 people, perfer 6-6:30 in mk. I have a 525 at cmc, but was hoping to get a longer break by eating at mk. I have the ressie finder going for cp or plaza. And qs is always a good option. Just me panicing…i think this is like my 25th trip but highest panic…thank you!!!