Panic and SWGE

So, before the SWGE big opening announcement, my husband and I scheduled a trip the first week of October for our 15 year anniversary. It’s an adults only trip and we have 3 couples coming with. To save on cost, we booked at a Disney Official Hotel. So we get Extra Magic and 60 day fastpass. I am now seeing details coming out of Disneyland that resort guest will automatically be given a reservation to enter the SWGE land. So, if they implement the same idea at Disney World, are we totally out of luck?! I have one couple coming that only want to be there to see Star Wars. Any thoughts?

There’s no way of knowing and it’s too early to panic. But I think it’s only the first month that resort guests are getting reservations at DL? I may be wrong.


Ok, I’ll look into that detail. Thanks!

No, you’re correct. Actually it’s only three weeks.

But WDW are unlikely to do that, since there over 20 Disney owned resorts, compared to just three at DL. There would be virtually no chance that they could either accommodate everyone or coordinate the appointments for that number.

Now there could still be bookable appointments and/or a virtual queue. In fact the latter has been the long term plan, and is what DL will use after the appointments period.

But it’s way too early to panic for sure. We’ll know more once Dl has opened and they see what happens there. They only really gave two months notice of the DL plans, that gives WDW until the end of June to give similar notice.


I thought based on the subject of your post that you were (like me right now) frantically attempting to get the limited number of reservations that just opened up for non-site hotel guests at Disneyland. :laughing:
(The same 3 week period where on-site guests are guaranteed).

For WDW, you most likely won’t have to worry about any of this! I had a friend state that when they called Disney they were told that 2000 spaces were available for each timeframe (4 hours with them overlapping after the first 3 hours of the day).

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