Pandora July 7

Is Pandora closed on July 7? TP shows that it is closed that day.

Hm that’s strange and I don’t really see that being so… especially this early. @len is this just an error?

I’ll check. Thanks for the note.

Any word on what’s going on?

There was a report on chat that people could not schedule FPs after July 4th. I think everyone just thought there was a glitch in the system?

That is the information that is currently in Disney’s FastPass+ system. We have no reason to think the Pandora attractions will be closed during that time, so my guess is that it’s an error by Disney, but that’s just a guess–we have no double-secret knowledge about this.

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It is still not possible to reserve Fastpasses for Pandora after 7/4. Anybody have any idea why? I’m going to call Disney later today, but has anybody heard anything in the mean time? It seems odd that they would be shutting it down after July 4.

On chat it was posted that Disney IT knew of the problem and were working on it.


I imagine it’s something to do with the end of the extra extra magic hours for Pandora. The 7 till 1 opening is due to end that day. No idea why that would impact the fp+ system, but it’s too much of a coincidence.

Maybe someone’s just mis-keyed, so that instead of closing it from 7-8am and 11pm-1am, they’ve got it closed completely!

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You are probably right, but it has been like this for several days. You would think they would be able to fix the problem fairly quickly.

Oh I agree, but this is Disney IT though. Not exactly renowned for their speed and reliability lol!

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Check again- it should be open now.


Yes, I just checked and they are up now.