Pandora FPP

Does AK have to be the last day of my trip to be able to get a FPP for FOP? I’ve been looking at the CL calendar and would rather have AK as my 4th day due to a 3 CL (vs a 6), but looking at the FPP availability, it looks like 64 days is a lot harder to get a FPP for FOP than 67. I’ve been going round and round and nobody here gets why mom is obsessing over this. Help???

60+4 has worked for us, though availability is limited. You don’t have to do it the last day, but the further out into your trip you can push it, the greater the likelihood of snagging FPP and at better times (earlier in the day) than otherwise.

Thanks. Think I will move it. Decided I would rather have good FPP on a 6 CL day than no/bad FPP on a 3 CL.

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I went the June 2017 and got two for 9:30 at day 64.

I got our FPP on 60+4 without a problem. This fpp was used on sunday 10/7, just over a week ago. I had my choice of anytime after 1pm when I booked and it was for 4 people.

Same for me… No problem with a 60+4 FPP for 4 people. I didn’t get the 9 or 10 AM slot that I wanted, but I think 10:40 was available… plus anything after that.

That said, I don’t know how much you’d notice a difference of CL3 vs CL6… especially if you have a good plan.

We got fastpasses in August for FOP on both days 60+4 and 60+5 for 4 people. On 60+4, I was initially only able to get one after 5 pm, but a bunch of new ones dropped a week later and I could get the 12:45 that I wanted. I got a 4:00 fastpass on day 60+5 but I didn’t look for an earlier time as that was the exact time that I was hoping for (going to a waterpark for the morning before AK).

We got ours in 60 + 4 as well. For the afternoon but it worked fine for us.