Pandora FP+

Hello I am new here so I hope I am putting this up correctly. I have 2 days to spend at AK. We are using extra magic hours on day 1 and hope to ride the Na’vi River first then I have scored a FP+ for Avatar. For the 2nd day do we go with another FP+ for Avatar or use it on NR in case we can’t get on first thing on day 1? I understand Avatar is the more exciting attraction, but I want to be sure to see both and I know if I wait until 30 days the Avatar FP+ will be all gone.

FoP is definitely the more exciting attraction - you’re more than likely to want to ride it twice if you can! :slight_smile:

Flight of Passage (FOP) is a variable ride. This means the scenes change, so you could ride it multiple times and not see the same sequence. I personally would ride it as many times as I could. You shouldn’t have much of a wait for Navi at rope drop on a EMH morning.

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I agree with previous posters … get 2nd FP for FoP. We did it multiple times on recent trip and have no regrets. Did standby for NRJ close to park close and it was never more than around 20 minutes (once it was 9 minutes).

Thank you all so much. We haven’t been to Disney in years so we want to see as much as possible.

Are you sure about this? That would be awesome, if it is correct. We rode it four times on our last trip, and the scenes were exactly the same each time.


I’ve not seen more than one version either…

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Agree. I rode 8 times last trip and I don’t remember a different “film”. I for sure noticed different details each time but the scenes were the same.

We rode FOP 3 times and it was always the same. I don’t think it is a variable ride.

A CM and a fellow rider who was an AP holder told us in July it was variable. They said it had 40 possible scenes. I heard a CM tell another rider while we were waiting to load two weeks ago that it was variable. I rode it twice and it seemed the same. Maybe the variations are so small that we don’t always notice them. IDK

I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question, but I found this video by @Brian on how to hit both attractions at rope drop very helpful:

If you plan on getting there first thing in the morning you will be able to get on Navi river easily as everyone will go straight for FoP. IMO definitely go for the FP+ on FoP. then the morning you go over uber early and do not wait out bus system. You will get on and see why most are not that impressed with Navi. It’s fine once. I think FoP is now the premier attraction in Disney.

If the ride itself is variable it must be very minor

Our pre ride with decontamination etc was different story though on the two times we went in

Maybe that’s the variable bit. We got different messages whilst getting ready to get on the ride from the video actors?

I enjoyed Na’vi. It’s like a technologically more sophisticated PotC. There often seems like there’s not much love for it, but I thought it was very pleasant.

FoP is life-changingly mind-blowing. It’s something you’ll remember forever. I’d sell my grandmother to organ harvesters to ride it one more time.



I would go with FOP, but make sure you are not late for rope drop. We were there last week. We arrived shortly after rope drop ,and ran in and the line for Navi was 20 minutes. Then we waited for the rest of our party who got hung up at the gate and stopped for bathroom. By the time they arrived, the wait was up to 60 minutes!