Pandora/FOP at night

I read suggestions of seeing Pandora at night. Does that mean riding FOP at night or just walking around Pandora? Should I try to get a night time FPP for FOP or will just walking around Pandora suffice?

Pandora as a Land is worth strolling through. It’s really pretty with all of the bioluminescent plants and pathways. FOP itself is not different depending on time of day. I would get the earliest FOP you can and loop back at night for a visit



I really love being in Pandora so that you’re there in the day and experience the transition to night - just like in nature, the sounds completely change. It’s magical!!


We had an evening FOP FP, so I was there during the transition. Pandora is beautiful in the day and evening. However, you don’t need an evening FP for FOP, as it’s an indoor ride, not outdoors. Same with Navi. If the FP is the excuse to be in that area of the park, go for it, but if you can get an earlier FP and will be in the park earlier, than do that.

Also, the Tree of Life is beautiful at sunset, too.


Exactly this.


The land is gorgeous at night. And quiet when you are leaving after park close. Definitely worth the trip to see it, in my opinion.