Pandora Fastpass

Anyone had any experience booking Pandora AFP Fastpass yet? I’m doing fast passes on Sunday (60 days) and just trying to get an idea of what kind of availability people are seeing online. We aren’t doing AK until the fifth day of our trip so have a little help there.

Do we still think FEA and 7DMT are the highest demand or is it looking like Pandora is stepping up to that spot?

We did ours Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Didn’t have any trouble getting either ride (different days of course). Even able to match times exactly when did the in laws FPs the second day. Didn’t try for FEA, so can’t speak to that. Got 7dmt fairly easily too.

I did ours last week. I didn’t have any trouble with getting Pandora FPP for the day/times we wanted. More trouble deciding which ride we wanted between the too.

So a little update in case anyone comes looking for info. I did our fastpasses this morning (60 days out - trip starts June 15) and had no trouble getting Pandora for first thing in the morning. Both the boat ride and flight of passage had slots in the 8-9AM range (I picked flight of passage). Our day in Animal Kingdom is June 20 - so the 5th day of our trip.

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This morning at 7:00 am, for July 10th Avatar flight of passage only showed fastpass availability in one hour blocks from 12:50 pm to 5:50 pm. No passes before 12 or after 6. Looks like Disney has restricted the morning and night fastpasses.

I imagine the earlier times are just booked out. What day of the week is July 10th? If it’s midweek, it’s likely everyone arriving the previous weekend have already booked those earlier times. With the tiering, anyone who can will try for 2 different days to get both FOP and NRJ.

I arrive Saturday July 8th. July 10th is a Monday. I guess a bunch of people could have arrived before me… My touring plan shows a FOP estimated fastpass wait time of 44 minutes… Does that sound like a good estimate to you?

I think we have to wait and see what happens once it opens. Keep checking, it might be that other times do show up.

At the moment everything is guesswork. Once there’s some data to use, the touring plans estimates will hopefully be more reliable.

That seems of to me.

This is the order I would book the FP+:
FEA, 7DMT, FOP, Navi. I booked mine on Apr 25 (60 days out) and pretty much got the times I wanted within a 10 minute window after modifying a few times.

What is fastpass availability looking like now?

I’ll be in Florida a few times over the next few months. I don’t have a park ticket purchased so seeing fastpass availability is challenging. Is it going to be possible for me to obtain a fastpass with only 30 days being my window? Looking at early June/early July. Would be there afternoon till close.

If you book at exactly 30 days at 7:00 AM you have a chance to get an evening FOP. You should be able to get NRJ at 30 days, but they will run out after being open for a few days to everyone.

Arriving at WDW on August 22, meaning that my 60 days (staying at WDW) began today…

Guess what…no FOP for the entire day for August 25, even that I logged in at exactly 7am EST. :sob:

Rope Drop I guess? I grabbed an FP+ for NRJ instead.

Keep trying. When my 60 days opened, FoP only had evening options, and then about 10 hours later I was able to modify to 9:30 am FoP. I think they release these in waves.

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Thanks for the tip. 6 hours later…still nothing. In fact, there have been no FP+ for a while now for Avatar Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest, and Kilimanjaro Safaris for August 25.

I did pick up EE and KS at 7am EST today.

We just got homel from a week at Disney. We fastpassed Flight of Passage and did extra magic morning hours to walk on to the other Pandora ride. Get there before rope drop and go directly to Pandora. Wait was 20 minutes for the 6 of us. Completed Pandora by 9:30 am.


There were no FoP FPP at all when checking at 7AM on my 60 day 3 weeks ago either, but plenty of Navi River.

I kept a browser open and checked the site a few times each day, finally after a few weeks a single set of 4 FPP for 1:30PM showed up and I snagged them.

But, I would like an earlier time so have continued to check - I have only seen one other set for late that night appear since then. (I’ve also checked for a single FPP at a time most times, but nothing.)

So, it takes work but keep trying!

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The (exact) same with us.

And i mean exact the same in every way. :slight_smile:
Good luck with the RD. We see each other in the queue

This is really good to hear

Hey, you are right, perhaps I will see you in the queue of FoP at rope drop on August 25!

I have tried logging in a few times a day since Friday but no luck so far. During that time they have also ran out of FP+ for Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris! Lucky that I got them on Friday morning.