Pandora FastPass?

We are going to Disney on June 15th and I am seeing some rumors that Pandora is targeted to open by June 9th. Assuming that is true, how would the FP work for that? I have to request my FP’s by 60 days prior, so would I be eligible for Pandora?

Also, do you guys think that when it opens, it will change the touring plan times since most people will be running to see the new thing?

When you make your fastpasses, you may want to consider whether your plans will change if Pandora is open. Maybe make 2 and see how they differ.

The problem will come deciding whether to save a fastpass in case they open up, or make 3 and be prepared to drop 1 for a Pandora ride. It think there are 2 new rides coming, don’t know if both are expected to have fastpass. There’s also Rivers of Light to consider.

I would think fastpasses will only open when they are absolutely 100% sure of the opening date, probably a week or so before, especially after the whole ROL fiasco. They might even open and then introduce fastpasses. So at 60 days I would make 3 based on what’s there now, then either allow an extra day or half day for Pandora & ROL, if these are really important to you, or decide which rides are most important to you and change the fastpasses accordingly.

At the moment it’s a guessing game!

History would seem to say DIS won’t allow Pandora fastpasses until they KNOW the ride will definitely be open for that time as they would rather not make promises and have to cancel them. Given the timing of your visit vs. the rumor, I would say at best they might open FP+ a week or two prior to your visit. And that’s if they decide to do FP+ immediately for Pandora - they may just do standby at first.

I would definitely follow Nicky’s advice and book what you know will be open and then adjust late if you hear Pandora FP+ become available for your visit. There may also be a chance that if Pandora isn’t “officially” open by then it might be doing some “soft opens” which you could take advantage of during your visit…

There will no FPPs at least until there is an official opening date posted. If my memory serves me correctly, when 7DMT opened on Memorial Day Weekend, it was a “soft” opening, with no FPPs (I rode it at 6:15 AM the first day it was open); the FPPs only started after the “official” opening which was a week or two later. I don’t remember when they became available to reserve. FEA did not have a “soft” opening period (it should have); it went straight to “official” opening and FPPs were available a day or two after the announcement of the opening date. I’m guessing that Pandora will use the “soft” opening model as its an entire land with 2 new-technology rides.

“Actual” dates are purely rumors at this stage. Even the “insiders” on some of the other forums I visit are saying that there is just nothing solid coming from anywhere in Disney; either Disney has not actually set a date yet, or it is an extremely well guarded secret.

Well, there is an opening date now. And it is hard to imagine they don’t plan on having both rides open for this.

So the question now becomes, do fastpasses for it open 60 days before May 27th and will both rides have one.

No way of knowing unless Disney announce it or when someone tries to make their FP and the rides are there unfortunately. And will they introduce tiers? It’s all a guessing game at this stage.

I am 99% certain that both rides will have FPPs. When they will be available is anyone’s guess, but as reports are that both rides are already operational, having them at the 60 day mark would not be unreasonable. There is a lot of discussion on some other forums regarding the possibility of introducing a tier system. MK, with more rides than the other 3 parks combined does not have tiers, but EP and DHS have 3 very popular attractions and do have tiers. Personally, I’m hoping that they don’t.

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Another option would be to not have FPPs for the first month to give everyone an “equal footing” on the SB lines. Once FPPs are in effect, I don’t even want to imagine what the SB lines will look like.

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