Pandora day vs night

We are traveling last minute to Disney after our vacation to USVI was cancelled. Have not been since Pandora opened. Is this something that should only be done at night or is it the same experience during the day and at night?

You should see it in both day and night if possible.


It’s different in the day vs night. See it both times.

Personally, I was disappointed with it at night. I met someone who’d been there during opening week and they said it was much more vibrant back then, but the luminous colours seem to have faded.

It’s pretty spectacular during the day, especially if the weather’s good.


We RD to ride FoP and also got in line for it right before close. I would recommend seeing it at both times.

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Agree it’s great to see it both day and night but if I had to choose one, I would say day.

Ideally be there around sunset so you get day and night. It is so cool to hear the sounds transition from Pandoran day noises to Pandoran night noises.