Pandora after dark... in April?

I’ve never seen Pandora at night, and was hoping to witness it in my visit in April. The only problem is that Animal Kingdom closes at 7pm, and dusk in April isn’t until 8ish. Is this, like, a winter-only thing?

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Yeah, kinda.

They never keep AK open late, it just happens that it’s dark in the winter before they close so freakin early


Thanks for pointing this out to me. I was planning on being in Pandora at the end of the night when it is dark. Uh…if it’s not dark there’s no point to that plan LOL.

What’s the latest they are keeping it open lately? I think it was open until 8 PM in 2019.

I just went into my TP and it has a new helpful warning on it! “After-dark attraction experiences may not be available at Animal Kingdom on 4/21/23 since the park closes near or before sunset.”

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Keep watching for these events to reopen.
Disney After Hours at Animal Kingdom | Walt Disney World Resort (

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It was open till 9 in August 2019, we saw the tree projections then.


But last April (late april) it was open late and we stayed to wait and watch and there were no projections.

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So annoying.


It had ended just a few days before. Apparently it stayed light too late :roll_eyes:

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I was hoping to see Pandora at night, but our trip is in late May, so I have pretty much given up on that plan unless the hours change significantly. Now my plan is to hop to Epcot to hopefully ride GOTG and watch fireworks. We’re staying at YC so then it will be an easy trip back to the hotel.

They spent a lot of money and time creating an amazing after dark experience in Pandora, but they don’t seem to care that no one gets to see it. That’s lame.


Tim, we went late April 2021 and did a dinner reservation at Yak hoping we could swing thru Pandora after. Nope. They funnel you directly to the exit. Seems like the only way to catch some darkish Pandora is to do FoP right at the end of the night. Not the same as winter but still cool and lit up.

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interesting - how late can you enter the queue?

I’ve been dying to see it at night but our next trip might be january, so it won’t be problem.

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I think the rule is you just need to enter before park close.

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