Paleo friendly TS

Traveling with someone who eats a paleo diet. While they assure me anywhere is okay, I am trying to be supportive. Any good ideas for EPCOT? Or any park for that matter. Thanks.


We’ve been eating paleo too and I had the same question. Even if it’s QS recommendations. We only have one TS ressie. Will be there mid June

No personal experience, but you can Google “eating paleo at Disney World” and find several articles with great advice. It sounds like it’s very doable, all over the parks and hotels. One good suggestion was to make up a list of the foods you are trying to avoid, show it to the CM at the restaurants so you can easily explain your needs, and ask to see their “allergy/dietary restriction book”. Often you can get substitutions like potatoes and more eggs in place of waffles or biscuits. I don’t have any specific TS or QS recommendations, but those articles might.

We have been eating paleo for several years including our last trip to Disney in November 2014. La Hacienda in Epcot was one of the places that had a menu that was very paleo friendly. We were able to find something to eat everywhere we went (quick service was probably the biggest challenge). The reason we went paleo is because of my allergies to gluten and dairy, so those were listed on my reservation notes, so even in buffet restaurants the chefs were able to point out what I could and could not eat. We also enjoyed Tusker House, 1900 Park Faire, and Sanaa. Disney was one of the easiest places on vacation that I have found to stick to our paleo diet. I am looking forward to our next trip in September!