Painting on the Bayou

Have you done the Painting on the Bayou event that happens on Wednesday afternoons at POFQ?

For those that have done it, can you answer my questions:

  1. How in advance do I need to make reservations? Can I still get in day of? It’s our arrival day so I’m not sure about arrival time to the resort yet.
  2. Can I find out ahead of time what the painting scene is for that week?
  3. I can’t paint, but my DD12 is a fantastic artist. Can she participate and I watch or come back to pick her up?

I have not done it, but when I was there last Spring, the painting was on an easel by the main entrance with the information. I don’t think they are heavily attended, so I think you are fine making reservation when you are there. I also think you could pay for your daughter and just watch or come back to pick her up.
If I’m wrong or something has changed, I hope someone will correct me.