Paint the Night, Disneyland Forever and WOC during Christmas season

Hey everyone! I know during Christmas season DLR offers a Christmas parade and fireworks as well as a holiday version of WOC. With the 60th anniversary here, does anyone know if they will skip the holiday offerings and continue to show the 60th offerings? We didn’t pick our vacation in December specifically for any of the holiday fireworks or nighttime entertainment but rather to see the parks all dressed up so it doesn’t really matter to us which nighttime entertainment is being offered. Just wanted to know so we can plan accordingly as we do NOT want to miss PTN!

I don’t have any official information, but they’ll probably only run Christmas Fantasy during the day and PTN at night, with Disneyland Forever and World of Color Celebrate still running (although there is an unconfirmed rumor that Celebrate will be changing after the summer due to lower attendance than usual).

Nothing confirmed yet officially, but if Halloween mirrors Christmas, there will be both Christmas and 60th shows in some sort of hybrid/alternating schedule.

My theory on PTN is it’s not going anywhere for a long long while and will continue its run as a night time parade in addition to an earlier daytime-ish run of the Christmas Fantasy Parade.

FWs I think are also staying for a while, but for Christmas, it’s a little trickier to know what they will do. For Halloween they are just offering Halloween Screams on party nights, 60th fireworks other nights. As Christmas has no hard ticket party in DL, not sure what to predict. I do think they will still offer both on different nights. Not sure how they will determine which show for which night…

As for WOC- my theory from the start of the 60th has been they will oust it for WOC Winter Dreams. Rumor has it that the 60th celebration will continue on into the spring/summer next year so not sure what the fate of WOC Celebrate will be after Christmas. And I could be really wrong and they could just decide to keep 60th show running regardless of the Christmas season…

It’s all rumor though still, sprinkled with my speculations. So we shall see…

i thought I read that the Christmas parade will go during the day like Soundsational is now, and PTN after dark. I haven’t heard anything confirmed for FW, but I’m pretty sure they’ll continue Celebrate at least on some nights.

Thanks for the answers everyone!! I too had heard that WOC - Celebrate was not as great as the one it replaced. We saw WOC last year and LOVED it! Was looking forward to comparing it with the new one.

Sounds like there will be a nice balance of Christmas and 60th entertainment for us! :smile: Even if they decide to just go with Christmas offerings, that’s ok. We’ve decided to return at the end of April next year as well and I’m sure the 60th celebration will still be going strong!