Paint the Night dining package worth it?


I have a ressie for this at Wine Country Trattoria. I also have a regular meal ressie (no package). Is the extra expense necessary? We will be using it on 10/19 (Friday) with CL 6. My package reservation isn’t ideal for timing, but if it’s a good idea to have it I’ll keep it. My regular ressie is ideal for time but I’ll cancel it if the benefit is most important.


No, the extra expense of a dining package is not needed for Paint the Night. The parade route is really long so it is easy to get a good spot without paying extra. The only extra that I think is worth it for Paint the Night is the Sonoma Terrace reception thing, as the viewing is amazing and from a seat/table. It’s pretty expensive though, $79 I think. Do plan on finding a spot at least 45 minutes before the parade, I like to watch it down close to where it begins on the pier, like in front of the Golden Zephyr.




We did Wine Country Trattoria w/ the Paint the Night Package and it was a great meal. My son was able to sit right up front without us having to claim our spot ahead of time. That being said, I wouldn’t do it again because there is definitely plenty of room to see the parade all along the route.

And that Wreck it Ralph song will be stuck in your head for days!!! lol!


I did the Sonoma package last night and I echo what @Wahoohokie said, the view was amazing! The food wasn’t exactly out of this world but the service was top notch and the view unbeatable. And after a long day walking round the parks, sitting on a cushion was especially welcomed