Paid CRT before dining plan

Our trip is 9/22-9/29. When I originally made our reservation it was resort only. I made all of our dining ADRs right at the 180 day mark and prepaid a meal at CRT. About 2 weeks ago I decided it would work in our favor, not to mention not having to worry about money except tips, so I called and modified our reservations to add the dining plan. So now to my question, since CRT is 2 credits, I was going to just keep it on my credit card but now I have second thoughts. If i decide to use the dining plan for CRT, can that wait until we get there that day or do I call now to take care of it?
Another question concerning that meal, if I use the 2 dining plan credits, an alcoholic drink is included but if it stays and I pay by credit card and we want a drink I would then have to pay in addition to what is already paid for on my credit card?? Does what I am asking even make sense??

I’d call dining. They should make the change.
One adult drink is included no matter how you pay. Anything more is additional charge.

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You can wait and decide on the day if you want. They will refund the cost to your CC if you decide to use the dining credits. Make sure you have the same CC or gift card you used to pay it with.

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I would do some math on the table service meals u could do instead of using 2 credits for CRT. Does it make financial sense to use the 2 credit for 1 meal and come out of pocket of 1 meal? If u plan on all TS, sometimes its better to use 1 credit per meal and pay OOP for the 2 credit meal, especially since most of us have additional meals to pay for outside of DDP credits.

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I don’t think beer or wine is included if you pay out of pocket?

Hmm. You might be right. I thought ours were in January.

Havent done a TS plan since alcohol is now included. Is it 1 drink per person on as much as u want?

One drink on the dining plan, not out of pocket.

Well that adds in too bc ur using 2 TS credits, if u dont get 2 drinks, u lose out on a free drink😂

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Thanks y’all. I think we will play it by ear, that’s not till the Friday of our trip.

Kinda off topic but will play a part, do people sometimes have multiple adrs for same place/different day depending on FP availability. I feel like I’m hoarding, have 2 BOG adrs, one for breakfast on day another day lunch but will drop one depending if I can get same day FP at drop time

Some ppl, i dont. I will adjust dining as needed. Dont have any HAVE toos.

Yes. Happens all the time. This is why you can usually get many harder reservations in the day or two before.