Paddlefish vs Jaleo - or - Is It An Apples to Oranges Comparison?

I now find myself intrigued with Jaleo, although I’m not completely familiar with the food.
Haven’t been to Paddlefish since it was Fulton’s, and Fulton’s was one of my favorite restaurants.
Stay with Paddlefish, or venture out to Jaleo?
(Not a picky eater, have ADR’s at FF, CG, Tiffins and Monsieur Paul.)

Can’t say anything about Jaleo but the menu does looking intriguing. We ate at Paddlefish last May and it was one of the best meal of our week’s vacation. The fish was fresh and delicious, the views were lovely (request a window table…there are plenty.) The service was incredibly friendly and professional.

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That looks delicious, and I should leave well enough alone. Thanks for the recommendation of asking for a window table. I would not have thought of it.

Probaby not helpful now but Jaleo is awesome (but I haven’t been to Paddlefish). We did a tasting menu because I wasn’t sure what to order and it was fabulous and so much food.

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I watched YouTube video of Jaleo from Tim Tracker and Dis Unplugged. The food looked amazing, and both groups praised (mostly) the experience. The Dis folks broke down the reasons Jaleo is not a good option for my DxDP. Jaleo is a tapas, or small plate style restaurant. On the dining plan, the appetizer and entree are both small plates, instead of entree being dinner sized.
(Unless guests order the paella, which is dinner sized.)

I was intrigued by the 48-month cured Imberico ham. Looks delightful, and everyone said it was … but … it’s four or five slivers. And when I say slivers, I mean slivers. They actually cut and weigh it at the table. I don’t think it would be satisfying (to me) as a standalone appetizer. This style of dining will work best when my hubby tags along, and we can order multiple tapas. Sharing this information because I didn’t find much here on Jaleo when I did a search, and wanted to provide insight for folks on the DP.


We’ve been to both.

Jaleo A+
Paddlefish A

Jaleo B
Paddlefish C

Jaleo A+
Paddlefish C+

I’d go back to Jaleo every trip if I could fit it in. We did one of the tasting menus, which I think is the way to go to get a good cross-section of the menu. The food at Paddlefish was decent, but nothing I’d miss if we never went again.


If the tasting menu is on the dining plan, I would definitely do it. I don’t see anyplace where it is. I suppose if I get curious enough I will call. Seemed from the video it’s super loud there. Was that your experience?

Paddlefish is modernist so the decor is not for all…but I liked that the decor didn’t distract from the delicious meal.