Paddle Boats/Mini Golf

Advice needed for 2 adults:
Flight arriving MCO 9a Thurs, ME to BWI to check in and leave carryons if room not ready.
Visiting Epcot but would like to play mini golf, ride paddle boats (both at Swan/Dolphin), and eat lunch (possibly in Epcot). What time should I start my touring plan?
I’m figuring on an hour to get to BWI, 1 hour for mini golf, 1 hour for paddle boats, and 1 hour for lunch (in case we decide on table service). Is starting my touring plan around 1-1:30 too ambitious?

I wouldn’t schedule anything for at least 2 hours after your scheduled to land. You never know about flight delays, or how long it will take to fill up the ME bus, what stop you will be…

I’m basing this on all going smoothly- Wishful thinking, I know!
Because mini golf and paddle boats don’t have to be scheduled (I don’t think) and we’re willing to ‘wing’ this particular meal, I was thinking if things don’t go as planned, we can just make do and leave one thing out or eat on the fly.

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