@OBNurseNH rope to hang wet towels outside

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I am so glad that is a frog and not an :fu: :wink:

mini laundry detergent if you plan to wash clothes. That is, of course, for sale, but it’s super perfumed stuff that I can’t use. Same with dryer sheets if you use them. I found a small Method at Target for not that much $$.

I also like to bring my own water bottles for refilling.


I have purchased super glue three times in a resort gift shop. Most recently i used it to glue wrist bands back together to bring @niter and wifey to Feel the Force when my friend ditched.

We have mini / micro tubes at home so I just bring one with us now.

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Why would you put a remote in a ziplock bag?


I can’t stay in a resort room without S-hooks for our swimsuits. The clotheslines drive me crazy, as you have to keep removing and rehanging stuff, which somehow seems like something NO ONE ELSE in the family is capable of, so they whine for me! :angry:


Lots of you August folks should be finalizing those MPLs, and getting your shopping and on-line orders wrapped up!! Go go go!

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I actually did buy new suitcases. They are sitting in the dining room. Does that count?


Totally counts! :thumbsup:

I will be going in October, but I made a comment to my daughter, who is not going, that I need to get to bed bath and beyond because they have the best travel size stuff. She asked my why, I told her it was for my trip. She’s like you have so much time for that. I just chuckled knowing my Lines friends would understand.

Also have to his a party store for decorations not only Halloween but Anniversary, going to surprise hubby with decorated room.


Some things I noticed missing from ultimate list, but I will admit I only took a quick glance:
Pop-up hamper, rain gear (parkas or ponchos), body glide, and a bath body puff for shower gel


In addition to the remote ziploc, also one for the park backpack to put cameras and phones in when it rains.
I also just ordered ‘queasy drops’ on Amazon to try for this trip after both DH & DS9 had to leave the town carnival early after a couple rides.

I bring buggy cords for hanging clothes and whatever else u can think of, they have lots of uses.

LOL! Just like home!

Okay - so question re: laundry facilities. We are AKL if that matters. Are the machines - quarters, magic band, credit card, gift card or other. Need to know if I should get a roll of quarters. Thx!

At AoA, a value, they had a credit card machine. I believe it was Visa & MC only. It was not equipped for Magic Bands. I would imagine that a deluxe would have at least that option, but I can’t say for sure.

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Glow necklaces for bus back to hotel at night!

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Happy to know I have most of these items already soft packed. Very few I missed!

I also love bringing a night light for the bathroom. It keeps the bathroom light enough without keeping me awake:)