Packing Tips & Tricks

This week packing will commence…

Just wondering what is the most unique thing you pack that is super helpful on your trip?
What are the things you used to pack but find it’s better to purchase once you get there?

Any packing tips you’d like to share??? Lay it on me!

I bring these little 1" zip bags. I use them to carry ibuprofen into the parks. That way the coating won’t get all over my pockets in the heat. You could use them for any medication, of course.


Power strips. Corollary: portable phone battery

Night lights

Extra zip loc bags

I rarely have enough shoes or socks

Cargo pants - fill up the pockets, skip the bag check (I leave fewer things on this as well.)

If you’re going in the winter: wind breaker, gloves and scarf. Just in case.

We love to bring glo stuff from home to wear in the parks at night.

Things we don’t bring any more

Water bottles - I like the really small bottled water. I get a 6 pck or so and use one until I lose it, refilling it as I go thru the day. The small size fits in a cargo pocket and is not heavy.

Ponchos - when we bring them it seldom rains. Hmm - I guess we’ll continue to bring them.


Try buying some packing bags. I think the come in sets of six for various sizes of suitcases. I find using them a great convenience when putting clothes again in Closet drawers at your resort. Never have to totally unpack and repacking is a snap.

I’m not sure if you are packing for kids or not but I pack a cheap popup hamper and collapsible bin for each child. Keepsakes go in the bin and clothes in the hamper. So simple but keeps things organized and easier to pack up again at the end. I pack a laundry bag for myself to hang up so the sweaty clothes can air out. Another thing I do is roll full outfits together and label them per day.

I’m also a big fan of packing cubes and cable organizers.

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My rule of thumb…place what you think you pack on your bed then put back 1/2 and pack the rest…


Pop up hamper is the best idea— def doing that next trip!

I prefer an umbrella over a poncho. Ponchos are only good for water rides to me but when it’s hot you dry so fast it doesn’t matter. I bring a small packable umbrella. It saved me in the summer heat as portable shade, it’s not just for rain.
I pack light and I don’t carry a bag in the parks. I only bring a flat money belt type fanny pack that fits my phone, money, ibuprofen and flat portable charger. I hook the umbrella on the strap. I hate carrying things.

The most important thing is comfortable shoes.
Also, pack light. You can always buy something if you REALLY end up needing it.

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I put hand sanitizer wipes, the chick fila individually wrapped ones, in my pack too lol because Disney has lots of germs.

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For clothes - Per person: a pair of jeans per every two days you’ll be there, a t-shirt per day, one long sleeve shirt, 1 fleece or vest; 2 pieces of underwear per day, 1 pair of socks per day, 1 set of pajamas, 2 pairs of sneakers per person–the one you are wearing, and the second in the suitcase. Hand sanitizer, alcohol pads, bandaids, Tylenol and an ankle wrap for the parks.

Bring extra shoes in case of downpour. Wet shoes are the worst.

Air fresheners from Magic Candle Co.

So I bring a portable printer to print out the final version of my TP the morning of our touring. Things change that close to touring.

I know, most people just use the app, but I like a print out, even if I only use it half the time.

I also brring extra plugs and cords, because I know my kids will lose or fight over theirs. And common meds like tylenol, but also things in case someone gets a cold. Also at least one extra box of tissues because we hate hotel tissues. A few zip locks just in case… whatever. A pen and notepaper, again, just in case.

Snacks for mornings or the night before. Extra zip lock bags, some of which go in my purse for that candy purchase they can’t finish and don’t want to throw away, but now they’ve ripped the bag open.

Oh, how about a clothes pin in case your curtains don’t close properly, or to hang up a bathing suit?

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Here’s is a rule I’ve heard that seems especially applicable at Disney:
“Think about what you might need. Then take twice the money and half the stuff.”

My own personal motto, which is a derivative of the above rule, is:
“There is no vacation problem that a cell phone and credit card can’t solve.”

Once you are. at peace with the fact that you might forget, lose or break something, the whole process becomes much easier. Which is not to say that I don’t try to pack perfectly, but I’m not going to stress out about it if I don’t.

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