Packing Question

Countdown 18 days!!! Hooray!

I started packing today. I have NEVER packed this early for anything. I’m also using packing cubes for the first time. My question is this, does packing this early make wrinkles worse?

Today I packed DD4’s clothes. She has mostly sundresses ad some two piece outfits. I rolled each to fit tightly in the cube. I also rolled 5 dress-up dresses into a separate packing cube. I can’t believe how great everything fit! Just worried if I’m making the wrinkles a lot worse.


Packing early can make wrinkles worse, especially if you are using a tight-packing strategy like rolling. Supposedly if you roll everything “correctly” you do not get wrinkles, but I have never mastered that. PackingLight uses a different method called “bundling” which supposedly is as efficient as rolling but has less chance of wrinkling