Packing Lists - Coffee

I’m starting to think about my packing list. We are staying at two new-to-us resorts this year - Caribbean Beach and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Could someone tell me what kind of coffee makers to expect in the rooms?

IIRC AKL had the coffee pod situation, small pot/single cup kind of thing.

I always just walked down to the Mara to get the fresh brewed stuff.

I love fresh coffee - but need to “room stuff” to get my day going. In most instances they have coffee (or at least ground up brown stuff" in the room. I do always check as sometimes it is just decalf - and that is just dirty water.


@HereWeGoAgain the rooms have a single serve pod coffee maker. There are typically a couple of Joffrey’s French Bistro pods provided.

Just to be clear, when people say “pods” they are talking about the puck-shaped single-serving filter packs, not K-cups. Also, you can’t bring your own coffee and filters from home to use in these coffee makers (but you can buy pods from various on-line retailers if you want to have a different blend than the resorts supply).

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if you are that big a coffee geek (no judging) - the water in FL is horrible so make sure you do it with filtered if you care that much.


Ick, the water in Orlando is just really gross…you can smell the sulfur so definitely bring a gallon of your own water if you can! We plan on doing breakfast in room, cereal, fruit and coffee so I would have to order these special pods online? I guess it might just be worth an early morning walk to the food court at CBR to just buy a couple of coffees instead of dealing with the hassle of buying special pods online?

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If you are not picky about your coffee, then the pods they provide you will be fine. However, if you like a more robust coffee like French Roast then you would have to buy pods to bring with you.

Thanks for the help everyone. I’m starting to embrace the idea of the walk for coffee. Not that a person needs to worry about having enough steps on the Fitbit when at WDW! I’ll use those extra steps to help rationalize those extra yummy treats I’ll be indulging in.

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Good point, forgot they will bring in new pods every day. No, I am not a coffee snob. I am sure what they have will be fine. I will have my own 1/2 and 1/2 in the fridge.

I actually like the coffee pods they provide (we have this type of machine (but fancier) in my office along with a variety of pods and I’ve found the WDW ones to be my favorites - I even brought some back with me and others agreed, so my office now stocks them as well! Mousekeeping will replenish your supply daily, but if you see them with their cart at any point and ask nicely they’ll give you lots more. I do agree though that making it with bottled water is must, and I usually get some real milk or creamer for the mini fridge. Also, I like strong coffee, so I don’t fill the water up all the way.

Will you have the refillable mug? If so I believe coffee in the QS restaurant would be free.

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