Packing Cubes

Hi all,

Ordering our packing cubes today and was curious as to opinions on sizes for DD5. Would you be able to pack (rolling) in a set of slims or would they be too small? I was thinking…one for shirts, one for pants and one for socks, undies and swim suit.

If not slims what would you recommend?


I have the set that has three sizes, but ordered additional slims because it suited my packing style for DD7. Better for socks/undies and then the larger ones for rolled up outfits.

I have only used them once, but they made packing and unpacking easy. We use LLBean boat and totes for our weekend trips and the cubes are great to organize things. Normally I am rooting through the totes and they get really messy.

Both of my children (14 and 12) use the slims for their “daily” clothes. In the morning they picked a slim cube and it had both two complete outfits for the (summer) day. They work out great for non-Disney trips as well.