Package Pickup

Anyone know how package pickup works for picking up at the front of the park? Is there a cutoff time to get stuff sent to the front? Is the pickup area open after park closing (thinking specifically of Epcot after Illuminations…)

I’m not sure the cutoff time or how long it’s open after evening shows. But I can surmise that I would not want to be engaging in package pickup at park close. I can imagine it to be off the hook busy. Are you onsite? Just send it to your resort


It will be the first time in my life I’m not staying onsite - I’m going on a business trip to Orlando, and of course couldn’t pass up the chance to go to the parks. DW
wants me to pick up some specific things, so just trying to figure out the logistics.

Maybe I could get it sent to IG and then just go pick it up before I get my spot for Illuminations (thinking specifically of Epcot)…

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For things being sent to the front, specifically of Epcot:

There is a cutoff time. My recollection is that it’s 2 hours prior to park close, but be sure to double check.

As for pickup time, it will absolutely be open after IllumiNations. The pickup location is the “Gift Shop” that is outside the park gates (but still inside security) on your way towards the buses. It’s about where “Backstage Magic” is shown on this screen capture.

I’ve used package pickup at the front of the park more than a few times at Epcot. And it’s not been terribly busy.

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There is also an IG option, but, really… pickup after IllumiNations at the front of the park is really easy.

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