Package add-on pricing...sticker shock!

Hey, I get that Disney wants to make money. Lots of it.

But I’ll admit I’m flabbergasted at some of their pricing.

I was doing a little poking around and found these package add-ons you can get. For example, they have one for $350 where they will, while you are away from your room, come and sprinkle rose petals around and drop off a tray with sparkling grape juice and treats and flowers.

That is a nice romantic thing and all…but $350? Some of their add-ons are upwards of $500. Wow. I would think they would sell MORE of these if they had a bit more reasonable pricing. But then, maybe the package add-ons are more impressive than their descriptions suggest.

Has anyone actually purchased one of these add-ons? And if so, was it worth it?

Most of the room add-ons seem to revolve around kids, although there were at least two that were meant for couples.

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They sound like absolute insanity to me. I looked into them. Every one of those room decoration perks seems outlandishly expensive and not even close to worth a quarter of the price to me. Not even for a honeymoon.

I sometimes thing these things are priced outlandishly because they don’t really want to do it. It was, and is probably often, a request so they created an option but it’s not what they prefer to do, so they price accordingly. A very very small segment of the population will bite. Problem solved: request available but too pricey so it’s almost never purchased.


That’s about the only explanation that would seem to make sense! :slight_smile:

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Cheap-skate Ryan clearly isn’t who they had in mind when pricing these.

It makes sense that they really don’t prefer to offer them, so if someone wants it they will pay through the nose, as it were.