Oxygen tanks in the parks

I will be traveling in Sept with many family members including my 78 year old father who will have a small oxygen tank. He doesn’t have to use it all the time and it will be a “just in case” addition to our trip. My question, though, is whether he can take it on rides? I know it is a smaller oxygen tank, but don’t have the exact dimensions yet. He won’t be riding any crazy rides, but wondered about things like Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan or things like that. Anyone have any experience with something like this and what did Disney allow?

I think you probably need to talk to Disney directly about this. Will he be in a wheelchair? Using an ECV? Pooh and PP are short rides, so he may wish to leave the tank with his ride (i.e. the chair or ECV), or you may wish to stow it in a small bag or backpack (which you can bring with you on rides).

You will be fine except on rides like RnR and Soaring. Anything that has a lose item restriction will not allow it. First aid will also store any cylinders if needed.

He won’t be in a wheelchair or ECV. The tank is more for “emergency needs,” so we may even try to store it in a locker (if it will fit) and just go get it if he needs to. The idea of storing it at first aid is a great idea if they allow that!