Overthinking? Underthinking? Questions for a Surprise First Timer Trip

I am keen on the Frozen Sing Along — we’ll see how my 7 year old feels, last time I asked she thought Frozen was for little kids, but the Disney Magic will be hard to resist :smile:


Thank you all! This certainly helped with my (unnecessary?) anxiety — my skill set of anticipating for the worst possible outcome is great for work, but not so much for having fun!

While I spent a lot of time at Disney when I was in middle school and high school, it was always during the off season as a Florida resident (and in the 80s and 90s) — the parks were relatively empty when we went.

Luckily kiddo and I are both pretty good at in the moment planning and pivoting as necessary — one reason I wanted to keep this trip just for us. Even if it ends up with a few hours at the parks everyday, and the rest of the time at the pool and watching giraffes and zebras from our balcony, it’ll be great to spend a week with her without any work, school and sports obligations.


It is hilarious…I wouldn’t even ask, just do it.


Agreed, we hadn’t seen it in awhile and loved it! Plus, air conditioning and snow!!


This reminds me of a 2008 trip when my sister, her DD and that one’s DD decided at 10:30 am on a Sunday that they had to shop at MK.

DH felt he needed to enjoy the resort but youngest grandson and I figured we’d tag along. Til we disembarked from the resort launch to see a huge horde of people waiting to enter MK.

We said not happening and stopped. YGS said we haven’t been to Downtown Disney yet this trip, so away we went. No crowds there! At least for a couple of hours. By then we were ready for more resort time.

Always be flexible


I meant to keep notes to do a full on trip report, but failed miserably — I was awful at taking notes when I had a test later that semester, not sure why I thought this would be different!

Anyway — we’re 2.5 days in and having a BLAST. We’ve done a bit of each park, relying heavily on Genie+ (specifically BG1, which is AWESOME), rather than any Touring Plans. While I love the idea of the Touring Plans, since this was a surprise and I wasn’t sure what my daughter would like, it was hard to nail down a plan. Plus we’re doing bite-sized bits of each part.

So far the biggest success was HS —but since I purchased the LL for Rise (she loved it, but it took some persuading), had a very early SDD thanks to BG1, and skipped TT, we were able to get TSM, MMRR, Indiana Jones, Muppet 3D and Frozen Sing Along, plus lunch at Rontos — I canceled SciFi after looking at their new menu.

AK — I expected we would have liked this more, but we did both Pandora rides in the morning (Na’vi was boring, but pretty, Avatar was AMAZING) - and KS and Feathered Friends (so cute, kid was skeptical, but she enjoyed it!) early afternoon, but we were tired from the night before, so we didn’t do the trails — we’re back tomorrow morning, and hopefully will do the trails, Lion King, and Nemo then head back to the pool and a afternoon at Epcot.

MK — so far so good — Haunted Mansion is the biggest hit (we’ve done it twice since we had two half-days there, and hope to make it again today). 7DMT was fun, as was PP and PoC, but I don’t think I’d wait too long for any of then if it was just me —I stacked LL for those on Monday morning for our afternoon arrival.

Epcot — Remy’s was ADORABLE. We’re at a deluxe, so I was able to get a BG for GotG — kiddo’s second roller coaster— she told me she hated me during it, but the next day kept saying how much fun it was, but she didn’t want to do it again.

Over all — the minimal planning has worked for us — but only because there are only 2 of us and I’m comfortable with Genie +/BG1 (and she’s just a great kid). After over two years of saying no and canceling plans and being stressed out, it’s been wonderful spending some quality time together.


Sounds like you are having a great time! I’m now off to look at Sci Go’s menu.

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This worried me a little but

You’ve mostly redeemed yourselves here and

given fatigue and that you missed some of the best parts I expect you’ll report back with an improved outlook on the Best Park.

Glad you’re having a great time. Like @missoverexcited I’m going to check out the SciFi menu - I thought the only change was additions to what was there (which is fantastic - best fries, and who doesn’t love a juicy burger and milk shake?).

Hope you’ll continue to share your notes here, delayed as they may be :wink: Have so much fun!!


I should have mentioned I’m vegetarian and my kiddo doesn’t like hamburgers! They had some sort of vegetarian crab cake on a previous menu, so my plan was to do that and the salad and a milkshake - but the non-crab cake thing wasn’t on the latest menu.

Will report back on MK (here now, brain fried from heat) and the rest soon!

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Ah yes. This is not the place for you then :laughing:

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